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Since the early 1990s we have been undertaking residential concrete and landscaping work. With our skilled staff we can complete any concrete job to a high standard.


Using our own plant we're able to complete the whole job starting with excavation and site prep through to pumping, placing and finishing of the concrete.



  • Plain Concrete - Broomed, stipple rolled or trowel patterns.

  • Plain Coloured Concrete - Usually Trowelled or Stipple Rolled.

  • Grooved Plain Coloured Concrete - Groves ground or cut into the concrete to give a tiled effect.

  • Printed Concrete - Using rubber mats to obtain a coloured pattern similar in finish to pavers or natural stone.

  • Exposed Aggregate Concrete - Achieved by washing away the top layer of concrete to leave the surface layer of aggregate exposed. Either plain or a coloured oxide mixed in with the concrete.

  • Paving and Stone Walls - We also lay pavers and have built a number of natural stone walls.

  • Sealer - With a lot of these decorative finishes we apply two coats of clear sealer to protect the concrete and make it oil resistant.


We are regularly building commercial building floors, tilt panels, concrete structures, wash down areas, wine tank slabs etc. No matter what it is, we'll build it including all site works and drainage.



We have our own truck mounted concrete pump for our convenience, which is available for hire.

For advice, ideas and pricing please contact us. 




We manufacture the following products in our Timandra Place yard in Blenheim.



  • Precast Sumps

  • 450L x 450W x 1200D Concrete Yard Sump

  • 900L x 600W 1200D Roadside Kerb Sump


Pump Chamber

  • 1,200 Litre Pump Chamber


Water Tank

  • 5,000 Litre Water Tank


Septic Tanks - See Wastewater

  • 5,000 Litre Septic Tank 

  • 5,000 Litre Septic Tank with orenco internal pump chamber


Aerated Wastewater systems - See Wastewater

  • Findlater A2000 Aerated Wastewater System 

  • Findlater A2500 Aerated Wastewater System 

  • Other larger Wastewater Systems 


Grease and Oil &Grit Intercepters - See Wastewater

  • 5,000 Litre Grease Trap 

  • 5,000 Litre Oil & Grit Interceptor Trap